Photo Slimming

I want to look slimmer in my photos. How to?

I always get this request especially when I am taking women photos “can you make me look slimmer?”

Everybody especially women want to look thinner in their pictures plus it is known that the camera adds 10 pounds to you.

By following these simple tricks you can lose the pounds added by the camera and make you look at your best

  • Watch your head. People use to one of the following two things if you want to shoot straight on
  1. Bringing hands up so they will show a lot of neck.
  2. Bringing hands to much down so they will give themselves a double chin.

So they need to leave their heads to look at the photographer straight on.

  • The expert photographer suggests them to wear dark clothes because dark clothes make people look thinner especially the new moms when shooting newborn pictures. The mom black dress is an amazing backdrop. She can hold the baby against it and she will look slimmer at the same time.
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  • Take your photos from above looking down at the subject, this is very effective method and you will have the control too.