Protecting and preserving old Photographs

How to look after you treasured family photographs?

preserving old photographs


  1. Use a Cotton gloves to hold the pictures.

It is true. There are different things on human hands that can destroy printed picture like oils and salts these can damage the upper finish of the printed photographs.

Holding a picture with your bare hands for a couple of minutes will stamp your fingerprints on it, this will leave a solid brown mark on the image’s surface. So, a cotton glove is the solution to preserve pictures from the oily hands.

  1. For long storage use archival boxes

Now you know how to preserve your priceless photographs from oily hands but what about other factors that out of your control like humidity, climatic changes or direct sun light? Plus you cannot control the temperature changes. This is exactly why you need the archival boxes.

It will preserve the photos from mold, dust and UV lights waves. But take care these boxes may damage your pictures instead of saving them if you stuff too many pictures in one box it will fold and wrinkle the photos or may be scratch them too. So the box has to be loosely arranged to preserve the pictures.

  1. Select the right storage place
  • You must store your photos away of dust, direct sun right and in the right temperature because high temperatures damage the photo surface by speeding up the chemical processes.
  • Do not store your precious pictures at a highly humid place (a basement for example) humidity helps molds to grow and damage your photos

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