Rescuing stuck photo to glass

My photo is stuck to the glass. What should I do?

First of all, if you capture your happy moments using a digital camera or a cell phone you will not face such problem who face it is the people who still print photos as print photos require more attention than the digital photos one of the most famous problems is these photos may stuck to glass.

Because this is a very common problem, you may find a lot of DIY advises and tricks. But if you really want to rescue your treasured photograph, you must consult an expert photo restoration artist.

Never Microwave the stuck to glass Picture!

Some clients heat the glass, soak the whole photo or put the photo in the microwave but this will destroy the picture.

But what makes the picture and glass to stick together?

The most common reason that makes a photo stick to glass is Humidity especially if there is not a space between the photo and the glass over time the picture will stick to the glass.

So what should I do?

First you need to know what do not to do with the photo that is stuck to the glass

  1. Do not tease it
  2. Never pull on it
  3. And do not stretch it

Basics rules to rescue your Printed photos

  1. Heating the Glass

Turn on your dryer at its low setting and blow the hot air on the back side of the picture for about 5 minutes keep in mind not to overheat the picture paper, softly pull the corner of the photo repeat it till the photo pulls through.

2- Freezing the Picture

By warping the stuck photo with the glass in a piece of paper and put it in the freezer for about 2 hours then take it out and softly remove the picture out of the glass hopefully the photograph is not stuck too much so you will be able to separate the whole picture without damaging it

Take the image out of its frame; clean the glass by a soft and clean cloth to remove any dirt on it.

Take a photo of the stuck picture with a digital camera or a cell phone and email the digital copy to a professional photo restoration service

Printed Photo Protection

It is advisable to use an acid-free mat as a separator between the photograph and the glass.

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